What would you define as "picky?"

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    Feb 09, 2014 6:50 PM GMT
    Within my 20 years of existence, there were only two men who were interested in me. The first was during my second year of college in the fall who was in a committee I was part of. He was a young one (17) and was about two years younger than me at the time. One day, another friend had discussed with me at a committee party that he was sad about not having a significant other and wanted one really badly, and confessed that she lied to him saying I was interested in him - even though I had no interest in him at all.

    Now there was nothing with him at all. I considered him as a friend (sort of like a sibling, probably because of the age difference despite he wasn't that much younger) and he was a good kid. However at the moment, as fatuous as it sounds, for some reason that tiny age gap didn't help. Plus, he was in his final year of HS and on his way to another school. We are still on good term, though he criticized me for being picky due to not wanting to date him.

    The second one, currently, is a friend of mine, though lately he's been grating my nerves. About last month, he and I were talking to another friend and out of the blue he says, "Are we going out this semester? Because everyone says we should." I looked at him with a dumbfounded expression and the conversation led to how he was interested since the beginning of last semester, but went on to someone else because I was working towards someone else at the time. He even had the audacity to say we should date because we're both tall and mellow, even though between us I'm the calm one, and dating him would be like dating a clone physically (I'd rather date someone shorter than me). During that time, he kept harassing me for an answer before I spoke with him in private and said no. This was before he became a pain in the ass.

    However, he's sort of a manwhore as others described. He was in a relationship with another guy but had someone else on the side. He's very open about his "hit list" - who's the next guy he plans on screwing, whether gay or straight, in a "You're Next" kind of fashion. He also made a remark about how he needed dick, and then snapped at me for "not wanting to give it up to him" and wanted to pounce on me because I smelled nice that day. Basically, others described him as thirsty, and he's a tad intimidating because he's huge.

    Though I will admit that I can be a tad picky, I don't really have a preference. However, I'm deemed picky because of my actions despite it was only two guys. If anything, I didn't take the active role of finding a significant other until the beginning of the last year - if one guys fail, I do my own thing until someone else who catches my eye comes along.

    TLDR: What would you define as picky? Would I be considered picky?
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    Feb 10, 2014 12:26 AM GMT
    You're not picky at all; in fact if you had touched either of those two guys (one 17 year old, and one manwhore), then it would make you desperate and easy.
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    Feb 10, 2014 2:00 AM GMT
    The definition of someone who's picky: a guy who wants to date, finds a minor flaw and decides he wants to be single.