I think after a dissapointing loss in the superbowl against the better Defense Seattle Seahawks The Denver broncos need to address key issues exposed mainly on the Defensive side of the ball with the return of Vickerson,Wolfe and Von miller the D line and outside backers will be looking good the areas of concern at least in my opinion is middle linebacker Wesley woodyard is a good captain but not a pure 3rd down linebacker we change him out with nate iriving who has had good success. Another issue is our secondary who has had ups and downs corners and safeties maybe move bailey to the safety spot if he doesnt retire we lost alot of key players and had injuries all season hired alot of 1 year free agents to fill gaps. We need to keep moreno and Decker on the offensive side of the ball but due to salary caps dont know if were going to have the money to do so.