Fitness Buddies/Goal Support Group

  • Freckles23

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    Feb 12, 2014 6:59 PM GMT
    Hey y'all! Just wondering who else is trying to get in better shape. I've been doing really well on my own, but having other people that are doing the same thing helps.

    To start, lets answer some quick questions:

    1) What is your overall/long term goal:

    I'm gonna slowly recomposition* my body to attain close to my maximum muscular potential; this would mean dropping around 50 pounds of fat and gaining 25-35 pounds of muscle. This is a life goal, so I know it's gonna take a whole lotta time!

    2) What is your current workout routine?

    I am doing RPT Heavy weight training 3 days a week for about 50 minutes each time (upper lower body split) and I am also doing 3 days of cardio on the elliptical. Right now I'm at 30 minutes per day- I'm adding 5 minutes per week and stopping at an hour.

    3) What is your basic nutrition/diet like?

    Well... Diet has always been the hardest for me, but I'm eating pretty well now. I am on a modified intermittent fast plan now, which works for me. I do a protein shake and piece of fruit around noon, workout around 1, then have another protein shake and piece of fruit post workout. I don't eat breakfast and I have a decent sized dinner- I keep track of my macros so I hit at least 150g protein per day (around my LBM) and I try to keep far between 60-80g. Carbs are up in the air, but I eat more on weight training days. I'm working on keeping a deficit on non-workout days, and maintenance during weight training days.

    Well that's some into to start, I guess we can add more later. Hopefully some of y'all are interested and we can give each other some support.


  • rugbyjockca

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    Feb 13, 2014 10:30 AM GMT
    Had to laugh at "decomposition my body". I hope you meant recomposition, because otherwise it seems a little extreme.....icon_lol.gif
  • Freckles23

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    Feb 13, 2014 4:42 PM GMT
    Decomposition? Where is that? icon_razz.gif hahaha

    So there may have been a few typos; autocorrect will do that to ya. Oops. I swear I can spell...