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  • ckby112

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    Feb 14, 2014 3:19 PM GMT
    when I have anal sex, when the dick enter and goes half way, im ok, but when the dick is all in, I have a slight painful feeling where the tip of the dick is, is that normal for you guys?
  • ckby112

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    Feb 14, 2014 3:53 PM GMT
  • Timbales

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    Feb 14, 2014 11:30 PM GMT
    Not all dicks are shaped the same, and not every ass has the same shape and depth. Sometimes one position can hurt, but if you shift to a different position you can usually find one where he can slam you like a screen door in a hurricane and you'll love every minute.

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    May 09, 2016 8:54 PM GMT
    COLORED TEXT GOES HERERESIZED TEXT GOES HEREWell only if its about 16 inch it might hurt, otherwise a 8-11 cock feels great
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    May 09, 2016 9:27 PM GMT
    No it's not normal lol use more lube