I thought this deserved its own thread topic, this does not include the people (unemployed) who were affected by 2013's Republicans sequestration cuts and their government shut down icon_twisted.gif


"By inducing the unemployed to hold out for jobs that offer salaries similar to those from jobs they had in the past, he said, unemployment insurance encourages "very counterproductive job search decisions." Further, he argued, extended unemployment benefits in general encourage workers to hold out for higher wages, which decreases employers' incentive to create new jobs"

^^^^So now we have a standoff between the unemployed and employers? Is that what Republican Obstructionists are telling us? Employers who are doing very well, stock up, corporate America sitting on wads of cash, earning interest, forcing the current workforce to do the jobs of 2-3 people (increase in productivity), why cant employers just pay the going rate? They constantly low ball, under pay and complain labor costs are too high, there has to be a breaking point somewhere icon_twisted.gif

Yes, we as a country NEED to raise the wages, but in traditional US business, labor costs have always been "their bottom line", Corporate America needs to change its attitude, stop treating its employees as an expense. It has been known, especially among young workers, that 'job hopping' can get more money when changing employers, the breaking point with all these worker holdouts, Employers will be forced to pay fair wage as long as the informed employee knows what he/she is worth in the market place