"That went well..."

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    Feb 15, 2014 1:39 PM GMT
    A sarcastic line spoken by Robin Williams in the movie comedy The Birdcage. Except, last night it really did go well.

    A follow-up note to an RJ thread about Valentine's Day plans. Mine were just to have a dinner out, but planned in detail at a place with live entertainment.

    As I wanted, a vase with red roses was on the table as we arrived, which was ready on time. Along with a Valentine's card for him ("To My Husband"), along with other personal touches I won't go into.

    Then along with dessert they brought his Valentine candy box I had left there the day before, along with the card & flowers set out earlier, that I thought was kinda cute, if a bit schmaltzy. I think it left no doubt in anybody's mind watching the presentation who WE were. I told him the box was dressed better than us.

    Anyway, we had a great if simple time. icon_biggrin.gif

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    Feb 15, 2014 2:41 PM GMT
    A story about Valentine's heart boxes: ordinarily I choose more traditional fancy ones in red velvet or silk cloth. But I'll go for a gimmicky one every now & then to be different.

    I went into a candy shop in Fargo, North Dakota, and they were displaying empty heart boxes you selected and took to the candy case to be filled to order. Among them were boxes dressed with black tuxedo jackets & bow ties in real cloth, and others with lacy gowns with a corsage.

    I picked a tuxedo model to present to my BF. Standing in line I was already getting some stares from other customers.

    At the counter the clerk said to me: "Oh, no sir, the bow tie is for a man to receive. A woman receives the version with the gown."

    "Thank you, I understand that. This is the one I want," I said calmly with a smile.

    She paused for a moment, looking a bit startled, and I thought she might refuse me. North Dakota is very conservative on gay issues, and we've all heard about some recent court cases involving bakeries and others refusing service to gay & lesbian couples.

    But then she took the box from me and started to fill it with my selections. Their handmade candies were a bit pricey, the box & candies ran me a little under $300 I think I recall, and that was 9 years ago, so I figured profit may have overruled principles. My BF loved it, BTW.

    At least the necktie model pictured above came from a candy store familiar with the gay community, no questions asked. "Jimmie's Chocolates" for those of you from this area, or who might visit here.