So this started with a convo at the gym locker room with a friend of my brother's who I ran into when I was shaving....
He made a comment in jest about it taking me "SO long" to shave (Im not very hairy and he is like the missing link)...
Anyway I am either always clean shaven or have a little bit of scruff which I will sometimes shape up if I'm feeling in a scruff kind of mood... but thats it.
Im 29 years old without any real beard experience and he told me some things that I never knew and wanted to see from others if it is true in their experience....

He said using a beard trimmer will trim the existing beard hair and also allow for NEW hair to grow as well and make for a thicker beard.... is that true guys?

He also said razor shaving your chest for a while will thicken the hair you have (that much I knew) and also allow for more hair to grow.... is that part true?

If anyone has any helpful and productive input on this I'd be much obliged ;-)


Now I don't want to get anyone's hopes up but I wanted to share with you my own successful experience with stopping my balding from happening. This was like a miracle for me because I would not look as hot as the bald guys on here do. Haha!
To start, no one in my family is bald so I was very surprised when hair started falling out... Granted I was under a ton of school and life stress but I take Adderall daily and have one small cup of coffee daily (mix that with stress and not best combo for healthy hair growth)...
So after some google research and learning in A&PII class about Biotin helping hair growth, I decided to go to CVS and buy a bottle and try it out.
Typically, Im not a fan of 'expensive pee', but I was desperate to try something because I was losing up to 90 strands per handful... (PS: Dr said blood tests all came back normal so I wasn't sick)

Anyway, I saw a little bit of a difference but I was still losing hair....
Throughout my google research I found out about Nioxin, a medicated shampoo to thicken hair at the root by promoting more blood flow to the area.... a little expensive, but being desperate to save my hair, I bought it....
I was seeing some positive results- less strands being pulled out and such- but there was still enough coming out that I was still concerned....
One day during a BlackFriday sale at GNC, I saw this really expensive bottle of Biotin. It was GNC brand Biotin at 5000 mcgs. It was like three times the price of the biotin at CVS but such a higher dose that I shelled out the cash (with a coupon of course) and tried out this brand of Biotin.
Before even entering my car I popped two of those babies
(BTW, Biotin is one of those Vitamins that pees out what it doesn't use so there isn't a toxicity danger with this one... or so I learned in undergrad... anyway!)
By bed time that night, I ran my fingers through my hair to check the Biotin+Nioxin-teamwork-combo and I literally pulled out only two strands!
well within the normal range of hair shed!!!! This continued and two years later I still have a full head of hair!
Im not promising the same results for anyone else, everyone's physiology is different, but if you are in the boat that I was in and desperate to try anything....

This is what worked for me. If you decide to do what I did the tips I have gotten were to:

Buy the big Nioxin shampoo bottle and the small conditioner bottle; shorter hair doesn't need to be conditioned as much as long girl hair does and only condition once or twice per week MAX.
Use Nioxin Thickening Gel for styling product.
And of course, GNC brand Biotin 5000 mcgs every day.

Per year the products that I buy to maintain healthy hair growth at full price cost no more than $270.00 per year.. At full price thats less than $0.75 per day. But I always buy with coupons or member prices so I save at least 40% per year on top dollar cost... It's worth it for me.

If you have any questions feel free to ask.
It was scary for me to lose all of that hair and if I can provide the same relief to you that I got, well I'd be happy to.