This excellent blogpost is in reaction to the "deeply held religious liberty" bill bandied about in Kansas. Currently, it's being "narrowed" by Republicans to cover businesses only in the "wedding industry".

Neil Steinberg..."No, just give me ... well, okay how about one of those, and one of these, that one and this one and two of leaf-shaped ones. A few with the candied cherries, and the almond crescents..."

"Here, with the powdered sugar?"

"No, behind it, there."

"Got it. Having a party?"

"No just a few people over for coffee after church ... and a couple of the poppyseed cookies."

"After church!?"

"...and a lemon square...what? Oh yes, church. That lemon square there...."

"Christian church?"

"Yes, that's right. The one in the front looks nice."

"You want to serve my baked goods after your church?"