WOW! Just got back from an unforgettable evening

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    Feb 17, 2014 4:04 AM GMT
    First we had dinner, at one of our favorite restaurants tonight. Then we went to a piano bar. Our friend had asked us to support the pianist by attending, that he knows who's just opened there. He met us, too, a really fun guy.

    And then our friend took the mic, and started singing himself. OMG! I had no idea he could sing like that! Fantastic! He should have been on the program, I haven't heard anyone that good anywhere in town.

    He's internationally famous for other things, we've know him for years, but I had no idea singing was among his many talents. And really, really good, too, this was no sing-along night where everybody gets to take the mic. Especially interesting because English isn't his first language, he's Cuban. Some people just seem blessed with talent way beyond the rest of us other poor mortals.

    And at one point he serenaded my husband & me, with "Unforgettable", his friend playing the piano. I was totally in tears. So an "unforgettable" evening. icon_biggrin.gif

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    Feb 17, 2014 3:22 PM GMT
    I forgot to mention that my husband also sang last night. He's been a singer since he was a kid, was a co-founder of one of South Florida's gay choruses, and sang in the very first one, but is no longer active.

    Again, this wasn't a sing-along night, but the pianist made an exception at the urging of our mutual friend, who's heard my husband sing in public. He performed "Mr. Cellophane" from Chicago. He's gotta rehearse it anyway, for a private party one of our friends is having in a couple of weeks.

    He did a super job, and got a great round of applause. We may start including this piano bar in our regular weekly routine. Don't laugh too much, it's what old guys do. icon_wink.gif