The Highschool next to mine is absolutely crazy.

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    Feb 19, 2014 1:38 AM GMT

    this dude in high school got suspended for defending his sister, who was sexually abused by one of the High School Football players at the school.

    Sign this petition because this shits unfair.

    "There is nothing more disgusting than hearing about a young girl being sexually harassed by football players and the FOOTBALL PLAYERS being excused because they're on a "championship team".
    What is wrong with this school? I don't care what sport you play, human rights are first and foremost. Sorry, but I don't think your "passion" qualifies you to become an excused rapist; if you were really passionate about sports, you would know that sexually harassing a girl is not something a real athlete does.

    I know this family personally and have unfortunately heard the sicking extent to what this kid has gotten away with. The final straw came when the kid took this young girl's head and forced it down onto his crotch. Laughing and leaving, nobody did anything and no punishment was taken on the football players, even after months of filing sexual harassment complaints. When her brother and his father confronted the player, the player allegedly lunged at Dominic (her brother) who deflected the blow in self-defense. Consequently, it was Dominic who was suspended for five days and stripped of his position as Senior Class President. He was not given due process, no formal investigation was made, and any attempts made by the Conti family to discuss the situation with the administration were rejected. Dominic has been the class president of his year for the last 3 years and has a 4.4 GPA.

    I believe the administration of Westlake High School ignored this girl so that they could continue on with their oh-so-fantastic championship football team. God forbid anything happens to our precious fucking football team. How old-fashioned are you? I can't even get a grip on the type of man the principal at this school is, as well as the football coach. Who teaches kids that those values are okay? If you think this is a matter of race, I think it's time to grow up and realize we are all one human race. This had nothing to do with race, and everything to do with respecting a human being's rights.

    This is a petition to reinstate Dominic Conti as Westlake Class President and remove his 5-day suspension for him permanent record. The family is currently working on filing a lawsuit against the aggressors. This petition has 3,392 of the 5,000 signatures it needs to be considered legit. Any friends who share my frustration, I encourage you to sign this. Thank you for your time."
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    Feb 19, 2014 2:29 AM GMT
    Share this everywhere, we can do this icon_biggrin.gif