Not to be taken too seriously…just for laughs.

From Stuff Gay People Like

There are many positive stereotypes about gay men – as artistic, well dressed, sensitive, charming, witty, worldly and compassionate.

Yet when it comes to purely sexual attractions, we toss these desirable qualities in a long–term mate and idealize, instead, a different kind of stereotype: A bro.

No matter where we’re from we’re all familiar with this man – a cocky, athletic, beer-guzzling former frat boy with washboard abs and a questionable or nonexistent political worldview.

This “All-American guy” has some bland fucking name like Tyler Chadwick Josherson; whatever was the top name for boys born in his decade.

Tyler Josherson looks exactly like Ryan Reynolds.

Tyler Josherson was a business major, and has a high–paying job right out of college. Tyler Josherson doesn’t give a shit. His favorite TV show is Tosh.0.

Tyler Josherson looks exactly like Chris Evans.

Tyler Josherson spends his weekend mornings lounging aimlessly in gym shorts, afternoons on the treadmill, and evenings with his buddies in the bars – if he were straight he’d be there trying to get laid, but since he’s gay he must be “discreet” since he’s “not completely out.”

Tyler Josherson looks exactly like Jay Hernandez.

Tyler Josherson is a “total top,” does not reciprocate, and always finishes first. He does not want to continue talking to you afterward because that shit’s awkward, but he will call again when the bars close at 2 a.m. in three weeks.

Tyler Josherson looks exactly like that dude who made the Kony 2012 video.

Tyler Josherson doesn’t exist in the real world – nobody’s that cliché – and gay men will usually be disappointed to find that the guy they thought was Tyler Josherson is just pretending to be. But he lives in our imaginations, our literature, and porn. There’s a different version of him in every scene or style; the cowboy version, the hipster version, the outdoorsy version, the academic version, the East Coast aristocratic version, the theater-guy version, the hairy version, the professional version, the college version, the working–class version and any other.

Gay men think about him with gripping cognitive dissonance. In their hearts they know the world is so much worse with Tyler Josherson in it. And yet, their own lives would be so much better if they could just hang with him every once in a while.

Gay men may share the frustration with their best women friends, who sometimes say they know the feeling too. If only there was a nice, non-douchebag, out–of–the–closet, sensitive, socially–enlightened version of Tyler Josherson!

But Tyler Josherson is perfect how he is. Gay men are stereotyped as compassionate – and it’s true. Behind closed doors, at least, they like to selflessly make other people feel good, and that includes feeding Tyler Josherson’s callous ego.

So Tyler Josherson is the ultimate giver; he gives everybody that chance. For every hundred gay men there’s one Tyler Josherson – rather, one man with the tremendous amount of energy and talent it takes to pretend to be him.

Fig. 01: Tyler Chadwick Josherson

Fig 02: Chris Evans plays Tyler Josherson in every movie.