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    Sep 22, 2007 8:18 PM GMT
    Hi guys,

    This Saturday I'm planning on running my first 10k. I've been back running for 5 years, and have down a ton of 5k's, a couple of half marathons, and 8k's. I guess I've just never gotten around to racing at that distance. My times for 5k have been ranging from the mid 19's, to very low 20 minute range or 6:15 to 6:30/mile pace. Any hints on what kind of pace I should be aiming for? I've been doing long runs of 8-10 miles once a week in addition to tempo runs for was my first day doing intervals for the Fall/Winter season.

    Would appreciate any advice from people who know what they're talking about ;-)
  • zakariahzol

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    Sep 22, 2007 9:43 PM GMT
    Half marathon 21k is longer that 10k. If you done half , 10k should be easy. I have done a lot of 10k. Since you done half probably you should do some speeding at your comfortable speed. Frankly I find 10k my favourite race, not to challenging not to easy. I need to broke this comfort zone and go to half marathon , if I want to see any progress.
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    Sep 24, 2007 1:04 PM GMT
    What kind of interval work do you do? Are they on the track--400, 600, 800 repeats? or on the road? I find the 600 and 800 meter intervals to work well in training for both 5k and 10k races. As you have already run half-marathons, the 10k should merely be an adjustment in pace for the shorter distance. If you are running 6:15 to 6:30 for halfs, I would think you could run a 6:00 for the 10k--assuming you put in the requisite speed training. But it sounds like you have your training in hand. Good luck!
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    Sep 24, 2007 8:36 PM GMT
    I meant I'd done 6:15-6:30 for 5k recently. Halfs I did when I was quite a bit heavier and I ran those in 8:15-8:30, my goal was just to finish those, not necessarily race them.

    I've been doing tempo runs for speed work mostly...This Saturday I did 800m intervals in about 2:50-3:00 which felt ok...not too fast, not too slow. I need to work on more consistent pacing.

    I'm thinking probably go out at 7:00 pace and adjust from's not the end of the World if I don't finish with a blisteringly fast time. It'll still be a good workout.

    Thanks for your replies
  • CallingAllMen

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    Oct 22, 2007 1:56 AM GMT
    Hey Guy, Hope You did well........Have you run it right?

    Was a long distance runner for years. Ran College track and x-cross.

    Anyway.......Find you attractive.... ;) Take Care
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    Oct 25, 2007 4:54 AM GMT
    Thanks callingall...I ran 41:27 for the 10k and ran too conservatively. I had a lot left. I did a 15k last weekend and did that in just under an hour and 3 minutes so the pace was almost identical. Definitely not anything left after the 15kicon_exclaim.gif