In the Sunday Seattle Times magazine section, a former r.c. seminary student revealed how sexual abuse and misconduct was rampant at the school he attended. How these events lasted so long and went unreported might seem a mystery, but to him it wasn't. "To me," he wrote, "it made perfect sense, that prodigious, uniquely Catholic capacity for repression."
Mostly, the church has been trying to cover up (or deny) its sexual scandals. And it doesn't seem to want to come to terms with the fact that, on the low end, one-third, or on he high end, over half of the priests are gay. The church demonizes gays as "having a tendency for intrinsically moral evil," and that "this tendency is seen as a objective disorder."
Once the church realizes that sexual feelings and stirrings are normal and natural and acting on them is no sin. Sex only for procreation in a marital setting between couples of the opposite sex is not how the majority of people view sex, not even Catholics. Once the church stops trying to repress sex, people will feel better about themselves and will stop doing the wrong things (child abuse, pedophilia, rape, etc.).