Virgin Question - Toys vs. The real thing

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    Mar 08, 2014 1:38 PM GMT
    First of all, my apologies if the question has been asked in a previous thread. I tried searching for something similar but I can't seem to find the exact answer I'm looking for.

    It's a very specific question. A bit graphic, but I'd appreciate some feedback if someone might have been faced with the same question/dilemma at some stage..

    Okay here goes:

    I realize a lot of guys find anal sex painful, be it due to them being a bit tight or sensitive down there. Fortunately, I'm not someone who finds it painful. In fact, nothing beats that feeling. It's great. I have to confess though, I'm a total virgin and out of curiosity, I've only been using different objects (but safe and not too over-sized, lets just say a normal dildo). Anyway, the feeling is great, up until the point right after ejaculation. All of a sudden that feeling just disappears and having to, uhm, well slide out the dildo is painful as hell. That's basically the only bad part of it all.

    My question is why though? Is that painful post-ejaculation feeling (as if all lube has suddenly disappeared)normal at all? Is the feeling of having a solid hard object like a dildo up there after ejaculation similar to a real dick? Is bottoming in a real sex scenario less painful after ejaculation than with a toy?

    I'm sorry if this was a bit graphic. I'm just scared that if I do have sex for the first time, it will have the same post-ejaculation sensation. Something which I'm terribly afraid of.

    Some advice would be appreciated :-)
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    Mar 08, 2014 2:33 PM GMT
    You could try taking it out before you ejaculate to make it less painful!?

    I personally can't relate to the question too much because I've never put a toy or object in my butt and I've only ever finished after sex. For some reason I don't maintain a full erection and it is uber sensitive. I can't say if it's more painful before or after finishing though sadly.
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    Mar 08, 2014 9:10 PM GMT
    I've been celibate for decades but that's exactly how I remember it; my prostate is extremely sensitive after ejaculating.
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    Mar 08, 2014 9:50 PM GMT
    It's hard to say... some toys are harder than the real thing, some are softer. Some have wide bits that you have to pull out after you've clenched down on them. That is, you have to relax to do it.

    Personally, I rarely get that extreme post-orgasm sensitivity when masturbating, but I do get it after (good) real sex. I actually enjoy being (gently) tweaked during that phase - it's like prolonging the orgasm. However, some guys do not enjoy it. Or have not been trained how to properly enjoy it icon_twisted.gif

    One thing to consider though - if you are having sex and you orgasm first, don't push your partner away, and/or run off to the shower and leave him there unfinished. Either have him stop and just hug until the hypersensitivity passes, or learn to rock through it. Tell him what's going on, or warn him ahead of time. It's not that big a deal.
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    Mar 10, 2014 4:17 PM GMT
    Thanks for the advice guys. Really appreciate it!
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    guys usually deflate after...