New Zealand dream come true!!!

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    Mar 09, 2014 9:34 AM GMT
    Sooo... I have been obsessed with New Zealand ever since my first deployment to Afghanistan in 2011 when I met a bunch of hot kiwis ^_^

    I am deployed again and this time for a whole 12 months, so now I finally get to make my dream come true and spend my April R&R (including my birthday!) in NZ!!

    I will be alone during the first week and then I am flying my parents out from Delaware to spend the rest of my month with me (it's also during my mom's birthday!). I really wanted to do this all by myself and find Kiwi Prince Charming, but my mom's in her mid-60s and the last time my parents and I traveled outside of the US together was over a decade ago. Plus, I plan on being a poor nursing student after this year.

    Rental car has been reserved. I think I will spend the first week in the Auckland area, getting my party and boozey on and out of my system before my parents arrive. And then we shall road trip the whole country! And visit my military kiwi buddies along the way.

    I know I want to do the Lord of the Rings tour and stay at the Red Dragon Inn a night. I heard of a treehouse restaurant and I want to take my mom out there for our birthdays. I figure we will road trip and adventure during the week and then for each weekend I will send them off to "romantic getaways" while I go party lol. They NEVER do anything romantic. All of their time and money has always been devoted to the kids/grandkids.

    Sooo... What to do/not to do for this vacation?

    This is my first ever real vacation ^_^
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    Mar 11, 2014 5:30 AM GMT
    New Zealand is awesome, I was unable to make it to the North Island. On the South Island there's Christchurch, Queenstown , hit the beach, a good time small brewery tours, lord of the rings, the glacier lakes. Most importantly perhaps the friendliest people I've met while traveling great choice for a first vacation.
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    Mar 21, 2014 2:30 AM GMT
    If you come to Rotorua how about staying in a gaystay B&B?
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