I'm trying to lose belly fat before summer, and I think I'm about to start a low-calorie regime.

My diet will be pretty monotonous and mostly consist of the following...

- 2 containers of 1% cottage cheese (that's about 180g protein with 1100 calories, I think)
- 1 pineapple bun (carbs, but it'll keep me sane. 340 calories.)
- 1 whole tomato (probably healthy... right? 30 calories.)
- 1 apple (again... probably healthy, maybe? 80 calories.)

That's about ~1600 calories; I'm 150 pounds but I don't know how much fat I need to lose to get rid of that grotesque muffin-top.

I'll probably add a few omega fish oil and multivitamins as supplements. I also drink coffee (I take it black, like my men. I'm compelled to make an Airplanes! reference every time).

Exercise wise... I do strength training (bench, snatch / shoulder press, squat, deadlift) once or twice a week (so I don't do all of them... I've been neglecting squats lately). I run on intermittent days and I also go rock-climbing once a week.

Am I missing anything drastic from my diet?