10kg off/10kg to go. (SA - Joburg)

  • cubpta

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    Mar 17, 2014 3:06 PM GMT
    Hello Gents,

    I have always been chubby, and last year on my birthday in July 2013 I decided "No more". After a blood test I realised my health was at risk because of being obese. So decided I would change and that on my 27th birthday I would be 90kg.

    I have lost 10kg (between August and Decembre, reaching 99kg before Christmas) by changing my diet (eating more veggies, no processed food, cutting alcohol and desserts) and starting to go to the gym do cardio once or twice a week 20-40 minutes each time.

    I have jumped from 111kg to 100kg and since Decembre (holidays, change in work, etc..) I have been in a transition period that ruined my efforts. I was constantly moving between 99 and 101 kg. I am now 102 kg.

    My target was and IS STILL to reach 90kg on my next birthday next summer.
    I'm 186cm, so 90 kg is kind off the ideal weight I can aim at. I have quite a strong bone structure, so aiming lower would not be healthy.

    I have spoken with a doctor and this seems good and healthy. I don't want to loose to fast but I want to get there.

    So the problem is I get bored after 30minutes of cardio - even with music - (bicycle or running) and I don't have time to go more than 2 times a week to the gym. I was thinking of doing horse riding again or some sort of activity, but I am so bad at group sports and I hate running. Also, I can't go to the gym in the morning, it makes me grumpy.

    Any motivation speaker willing to activate me again ?
    Any idea on making gym/cardio less boring ?
    Any idea on a website to make diet food tasty and fun (Salads 101 etc...)?
    Anyone in Gauteng South Africa with the same kind of targets ?

    O, and, I'm living in a quite dangerous city (Johannesburg) so forget about the morning / evening runs or dog walking... ( But i'm getting a kitten soon?... doest this count?)

    Ciao, and thanks!
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    Mar 17, 2014 7:14 PM GMT
    congratulations on the weight loss.
    for reference (i hope these are correct):
    90kg = 198Lbs
    186cm = 6.1"

    -get a gay or straight guy or gal gym partner. Help on the safety aspects too. get a pepper spray gun if they allow it in your country. Hire a trainer if you can, even temporary. Move closer to your gym.

    -join a bicycle or running racing organization, for that matter any physical sport organization. Horse back riding dosnt sound good lots of exercise but for the horse, gets you out of the house away from food tho. Swim or diving? Rock climbing? try dance or yoga?

    -go online for whey or casein protein with tofu and lemon crystal lite makes for a lo cal smoothie. Sweet potatoes are a great filler. Caffeine is lo cal, I find myself getting drowsy during second state weight loss. Watermelon, try out asian recopies. Buy smaller size dinner wear and cups, glass wear

    -write down what you eat over several days. online evaluate the calories from the items. eliminate some of the higher calorie foods. Go through your house and throw out everything high calorie. Get an iPhone app myFitnessPal to evaluate more precisely your every day diet, supplement regiment and exercise. Some of these apps have a social aspect and some realJock members are on line through these apps. Use the app to show where you might need supliments vitamins. Try to do this all natural tho.

    -temporary get a trainer to show you new equipment at the gym and move away from just cardio. put out some more money for a more interesting gym

    -have a plan when you get off the diet to maintain the new weight and not gain it back so fast.

  • cubpta

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    Mar 18, 2014 7:06 AM GMT
    Hey there.

    Thanks for the reply !

    I was thinking about the "small cup" trick already. I think I'm gonna do that so that visually i'm eating a "full plate" and not a large but empty plate.

    Horse riding is actually a terrific exercice for the legs, back and abs, because you do not just sit on the horse. It's like sitting on the floor and standing up without using your arms 30 times per minute or more !

    I have already cut all the high cal foods and i have an extensive excel table with all my meals and sport activity.

    I think I'm gonna get a trainer to try to set up a 1hour routine, so that when I go to the gym, I stay longer, but mix various activities so that I don't get bored.

    Also, I was wondering, if my body kind off adapted to the low-cal intake and is now just stocking every excess cal he can find ? Kind off a survival mode ?