“They have some very good cleaning solutions, but unfortunately these solutions don’t take out all of the bacteria,” says co-inventor of AsepticSure Dr. Michael Shannon to Kevin Newman Live. Shannon has spent his career dealing with infectious diseases and is the former director at Canada’s Centre for Disease Control. “Even if you leave less than one per cent of the bacteria, within eight hours they have all grown back.”

Shannon says he and his co-inventor, Dr. Dick Zoutman looked at this problem and realized that the best case scenario with current practices is to hold the epidemic at current levels. The product is being marketed by the California company Medizone.

“My colleague and I, neither of us are smart enough to figure this out,” Shannon says. “We, by accident, stumbled upon something that happens when you mix ozone…and low-dose peroxide.”

When they did the first test they were sure they did something wrong because they got a 100 per cent kill rate. So they patented the solution and now sell it in a machine that basically mists a room with a vapour solution. It is the first product ever to make a hospital room tainted by drug-resistant superbugs “terminal clean.”