Can anyone help me? I'm 21, 161, and 5'10". I have always (since puberty) been sort of twinkish at 150-155 lbs. I would work out but it was not consistent enough to make a significant change. However, now I'm much more serious about it but need help! What should I be doing in order to lose stomach/side fat while keeping a calorie surplus to build muscle? I'm taking Creatine monohydrate, working out 5 times a week (mostly weights/machines since I have asthma), and eating better. I've gained about 6 lbs, so people tell me I look bigger, but I don't want to also gain more body fat! icon_evil.gif How do I get rid of it? Could sugar or eating late be culprits? I also tend to go to bed late and wake up early and not want to leave my bed (and eat) until an hour after. Thanks.