I heard about Fred Phelps getting ready to pass weeks ago. He's now passed on and I'm wondering if this hypocritical group of people will become even louder and nuts now. This is a serious blow to them though; the root of the problem is dead.

The article clearly shows how twisted and perverted this cult's views are. And yes I said cult; it's exactly what they are. I wanted to bring this issue up because Westboro has been outrageously harsh and outright evil towards to gay community. We deserve to voice ourselves about this group. But as Phelps proves, all evil dies. I knew his time would come and that it would be painful. The God he claimed to serve is going to do way more to him than any of us could pull off. As the saying goes, Payback is a bitch.

What do you guys think about this whole deal? Please stay respectful of other's views.