Hey guys, how's it going? icon_smile.gif

First off, I love Kylie to bits. Great music on almost all counts (certain songs I'm not into, but hey, no one's perfect).

Her new album is out and it's pretty damn good, I must say icon_wink.gif Not better than her early 2000s albums Light Years and Fever, but still very good.

One of the songs, Sexerise, is probably the boldest song of the album, with Sia Furler being a writer and having a dubsteppy sound to it.

The main point of this post is to pay attention to the video;


NOTE: Can someone please tell me how to make this into a video so you don't have to search the link? icon_razz.gif

I still find it hard to believe that at 44, she still has such a great physique and can pull something like this off.

Sure, a lot of people say it's just porn for music, but I disagree. I think she presents the show in a sophisticated and respectable manner. Can one really compare this to the shit that Cyrus and Minaj put out?

So I suppose this post can really just be a love-in for Kylie if you want icon_razz.gif I just wanted to mention the song, and while it is not my favourite of her's, it grows on you and has a sexy video to go with icon_smile.gif