As #2014 is making midway & I am proud to say, I am SDA. I was raised COGIC as my grandfather was State Evangelist & loved the fact that he was black, to boot. About a year, to the day, following Michael jackson's passing & my b'day, I was baptized SDA; I have learned some very serious things. For one, I love me some Boston Clam Chowder (the real stuff) & oysters galore; as a man who maintaining the capacity to treat his body like a temple, I can no longer consumer it; it falls in line with pork (used to smash a carnitas burrito from Chipotlé like a muthafucka), oysters, clams, crabs, crawfish, shrimp, amongst a few other considerable delights! Anything that is of cloven hoof and chews cud, I will gladly eat it. Call me a Bible Kid, if it helps you sleep at night, I've done me research on pork & its true: take a piece of pork, put it in sunlight & watch the worms come out in it! I even tried the Turkey-Ham sub at where I work at & it put my stomach into knots! The last time, about Christmas Day & granted, it did not upset my stomach, it just made me feel full as I'd ever been. As much as I love puffin' greens, I may have to cut it out, as well, too, but as long as I put up with ppl & their attitude(s), I will smoke my green(: admittedly, it's not an easy process but I feel, rest assured, it's not a hard one, either.

Comments are welcomed in regards to what we eat, put in our bodies & how we treat it(: