An Atheist Says People Who Loved Jesus Had Visions of Him after He Died

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    Apr 18, 2014 4:12 AM GMT
    Specifically, what evidence do we have, apart from the Gospels, that any of Jesus’ disciples actually had visions of Jesus after his death?

    Answer by a professor and a personal essayist:
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    Apr 19, 2014 12:21 PM GMT
    In the vicinity of the Sea of Galilee (Gennesareth Lake), west side of the sea, north of Tiberias, at Taricheae, Jesus (Sapphias), a governor of Tiberias [on the western side of the Sea of Galilee; and Galilee is between Phoenicia and Samaria, which is north of Judea] and his party made a sally upon the Romans who were building a wall about their camp. The Romans leaped into their ships and slew the rebels under Jesus. The Romans also destroyed Jesus' ships. And for Jesus' men who were drowning in the sea, if they lifted their heads up above the water, they were either killed by darts thrown by Romans or the Romans in their vessels caught them. When Jesus's desperate drowning men swam to their enemies, the Romans cut off either their head or their hands. Titus leaped upon his horse and rode apace down to the lake. ... The sea was bloody and filled with dead bodies. 6,500 people were killed because of Jesus' attack on the Romans. The swollen dead bodies inflamed by the sun and putrefied, corrupted the air causing misery for the Jews and the Romans who won that battle. - War of the Jews

    This is important because just as the biblical Jesus had to question Paul's behavior, the Jesus in Galilee in War of the Jews did not like the actions of Josephus. Josephus made himself the sole general of the rebels in Galilee. However, the passage above shows Jesus leading rebels against Rome. Was Jesus killed in Galilee or was he one of the three acquaintances Josephus saw crucified in Jerusalem?

    So, Josephus, saw Galilee and the Sea of Galilee devastated by Vespasian's and Titus's men. If there were a biblical Jesus who was the Socrates of Galilee in 30 C.E., healing and inspiring people, who goes down in history for 2,000 years and Josephus knew about this son of Galilee, he and we must be sad about what happened to Galilee in less than a 40-year generation of the great biblical Jesus. This defeat at Galilee weighed on Josephus decision to no longer have a zealous faith in the Hebrew God and people. Last night I was reading and saw that after the sack of Galilee, Josephus got captured in Galilee at Jotapata. Jotapata is just north of Sephoris. The Hebrew God did not in the Exodus tradition save Galilee and the overpowering was brought even closer to Josephus when he, face-to-face, convinced, not Jesus's men but 40 of his own men to commit suicide, after such, he surrendered to Rome.

    So, Josephus does say people who loved Jesus saw visions of him, but then he says this man Jesus was no God; for, look what happened to the Galilee of the biblical Jesus. What is a God for if not to protect the Galilean's (Jesus's) city.