I posted this as a comment on a blog post elsewhere. It's crosses my mind frequently

Constant bareback sex, with no regard for "breeding," especially as a bottom, one would assume the guys are positive. Judgement, frequent testing, etc, but for the most part, one would assume the guys are positive.

We all know that being positive isn't a valid reason to throw caution into the wind and recklessly bareback. In fact, it could make things worse, so... when guys are barebacking with multiple partners, asking to be bred, what's the logic and what's the status of their health?

For porn stars who work with multiple bareback studios and multiple partners, how are they keeping things in check; ensuring that they stay negative or continue to be healthy with HIV?

Is everyone on Truvada? Are tops not concerned with catching anything? Are they on meds, down to being undetectable and counting on not 'contaminating' each other? Is there some porn secret that's keeping guys negative or keeping positive guys in the 'safe zone'? I'm not understanding how this is working.

The only other option is barebacking and breeding til AIDS hits, but I don't think that's the general case.