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    Apr 30, 2014 12:39 AM GMT
    Hmmmm, it seems like it's missing some useful info - it's very ocean-centric and doesn't say much about fish found in freshwater lakes (aside from the Great Lakes). What about the western and inland fish? And don't tell me it's an ocean-only site because they do have lake fish in their lists.

    Here's a short list of some of the commonly eaten fish that are missing:

    1. Mountain Whitefish (plentiful)
    2A. Bull Trout (at-risk). The site only mentions Steelhead and Rainbow.
    2B. Brook Trout.
    2C. Brown Trout.
    2D. Lake Trout.
    3. Arctic Grayling.
    4. Lake Whitefish (eaten a lot, fairly plentiful fish).
    5. Northern Pike. (very plentiful, eaten often by people who fish lakes). Also known as Jackfish.
    6. Burbot. (good population)