The Rules Of The New Aristocracy by Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski

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    May 04, 2014 8:16 AM GMT
    Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczynski has posted a set of "rules of the new aristocracy


    It doesn’t matter how much food costs increase, doesn’t matter if you can only afford fast food, we will always be able to buy steak. And we will invest heavily in fast food stocks to ensure we make money off this. Doesn't matter how much gas costs, we will always be able to afford it.

    In addition to poor food choices and health coverage, your kids will grow up without proper nutrition which will cause them problems on every level, from physical to educational difficulties. Our kids will grow up straight and true and healthy.

    It doesn’t matter how much an education costs, doesn’t matter if your kids can’t afford to go to college or come out with massive debt, we will always be able to send our kids to university. And because a lot of our income is derived from tax incentives and taxpayer-financed bailouts your taxes are sending our kids to school. But you do not have the right to any of our money to send your kid to school.

    If you or your kids want to start a business, you will find that because we’ve sucked all the money out of the economy, there is simply no available cash around to help you finance your startup. (Unless you want to go to your friends online at sites like Indiegogo, and isn’t that just cute?) We just cut our kids a check and tell them to go have fun.

    Your kids are born with a glass ceiling above which they will almost certainly never have the opportunity to rise. Our kids are born with a marble floor beneath which they will never be allowed to fall.

    If you accidentally provide incorrect information on your tax return, you could lose your house, your possessions, and your livelihood. We lie all the time on our tax information and none of us ever have to deal with this. We squirrel away trillions of dollars in overseas accounts and do all we can to ensure that your money never leaves our control because we'll doubtless need to scoop out more of it soon.

    You live in a Company Town; we pay you to work for us, while making sure that we own all the stores in town that sell our goods, the doctors offices where you go in town, the restaurants where you eat, and that we charge you just enough to make sure that at the end of the week you don’t have any leftover money to squirrel away, so you can never leave the company town, can never get ahead, and can never risk criticizing the company town. You work for us. We own the town where you live. We own you.

    If one of you takes a hundred dollar bill from the cash register, you will go to jail. If we take billions out of the savings of ordinary people then crash the economy, costing thousands of jobs, not one of us will ever be prosecuted. Because the New Aristocracy is above such things. So we’ll just keep on doing it. Enjoy the ride.
    Your local police belong to us now. We have militarized them into soldiers who treat you like terrorists. If you speak against us, we will ensure that you are tear gassed and beaten and handcuffed and caged into “free speech zones” designed to make you forget that the whole country was supposed to be a free speech zone. But now you have free speech only when and where we say you can have it. Meanwhile, we can say and do pretty much anything we want, to you or anyone else, and get away with it.
    If you happen to figure out our game and talk about it, we will accuse you of Class Warfare, in order to distract anyone from realizing that yes, there was a class war, that it was against you, that the war is over, and we won.

    Yes, you get a chance to vote for congresspeople and senators and presidents. But only after we’ve decided, long before the first ballot is ever cast, which candidate we will finance. Those we like, those who will give us what we want first and foremost, we will finance and you will get to vote on one of the two pre-screened candidates we have given you. If we don’t like them, if we think they will challenge us, we will not finance them and you will never have the chance to vote on them. Because you don’t get a real vote in the New Aristocracy.

    We own the White House. We own Congress. They pass the bills we write for them. They make the laws we want them to make, and make sure that they only limit you, never us. We own the courts. We own the lawyers. They are the club we use to beat you into submission.

    There are no Democratic or Republican Senators, or Congresspeople or Presidents. Those parties have not existed for decades. There is only the Party of the New Aristocracy. The rest is Kabuki theater. It is Mexican Wrestling. It is the illusion of choice, of difference, of democracy. This is not a democracy. It is a monarchy of money. In that monarchy, we are the Aristocracy, the royalty, and what we say, goes.

    If you dump trash illegally, you will be fined and potentially arrested. If we dump hundreds of tons of toxic waste into rivers and streams, none of us will ever be arrested and if we are fined, we will simply raise our prices so that you are the one to actually pay for what we did.

    We are the New Aristocracy, and we do not pay fines.

    We are the New Aristocracy, and we are immune from prosecution.

    We are the New Aristocracy, and we find your poverty and your powerlessness and your struggles disgusting. You are beneath us.

    Understand something: we don’t want you to succeed. We don’t want someone coming along to slice the pie into smaller pieces. We want to own all of it. If we really wanted more of you where we are, do you think we would have spent the last thirty years consolidating every major company into smaller and smaller groups owned by fewer and fewer people?

    We are the New Aristocracy because we were born into it. We got our money the old fashioned, Medieval way: our parents gave it to us. We were born into the wealth that we stole from you and your family over the last fifty years. You were not born into anything other than poverty and struggle. You will never be us. You will never have our advantages. And we like it that way.

    We like that you peer through the bars of your cage to all that we have. We like that you think you can have it yourself one day. Because that illusion keeps you on our side. But you will never have those things. We’ve made sure of that. Because what you’re looking at is ours, and we do not share.

    The world we have carefully constructed for you is like one of those boardwalk games of chance where if you knock down the big pins with a baseball, you win a huge prize. But the pins are weighted and positioned so that you will never, ever knock them down. Yet you’ll keep paying anyway, and keep throwing, until you exhaust yourself and your wallet. And we like it that way.

    We don’t want you to have opportunities, we don’t want you to have an education, we don’t want you to have a voice in what happens to you, we don’t want you healthy, we don’t want you to do anything but be frightened, helpless, docile consumers who will eat and watch and buy what we tell you to eat and watch and buy while we keep all the good stuff to ourselves.

    Because you’re not in our club.

    Because we are the New Aristocracy.

    And you are the New Peasants.

    And we very, very, very much like it that way.
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    May 04, 2014 9:52 AM GMT
    never thought I'd say it, but it's time for a "wealth tax" on all these degenerate mother fuckers
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    May 04, 2014 11:34 AM GMT
    tj85016 saidnever thought I'd say it, but it's time for a "wealth tax" on all these degenerate mother fuckers

    A "wealth tax"? Did you think this one through?

    As one of those "degenerate mother fuckers" I have to ask, at what point do you take enough of my income and what I own that I am finally paying my fair share? I keep hearing about all of these taxes and confiscation of wealth in the name of fairness, but no one will tell me at what point they have taken enough from me that it is now fair, is it 30%, 50%, 80% or is it 100% ?

    Let me just make a few observations here.

    1. Everything I own was taxed at the time I purchased it, and in some cases I've paid the taxes twice and three times over. Yet for some one like me that isn't enough you want even more ?

    2. You already have in effect what is a wealth tax imposed on me in the form of the inheritance tax. If I died tomorrow my sons would have to sell at least 30% of my holdings to pay the inheritance tax.

    3. The tax you would impose in the name of fairness is anything but fair and instead of buoying the economy it would be a drag on the economy and it wouldn't even touch the people you are trying to tax in the first place.
    When you raise taxes on people who have money they can always find a way to hide their money or move out of your reach completely.

    4. By continuing to create and/or raise taxes in hopes of targeting the 0.01% of the "rich" it always ends up hurting those people who it was never intended for never intended, why do you think congress is always having to come up with a patch for the tax code? The people hurt by such a tax wouldn't be the super rich, it would be the small businessmen, farmers and anyone trying to better themselves.
    What incentive is there for a person to open a business, farm or just try to move themselves into a higher income level if they are subject to endless taxes. At some point its just more cost effective to stay at a lower income than it is to invest and risk everything you have to start a business if in the end you will be making less than the people you employ.

    5. As a businessman I can tell you that expansion of my businesses or my ranching operation and my hiring are all based on my expenses and taxes are a part of my expense of doing business.

    6.By creating more taxes for people like me you just fuel all of the things you consider to be evil. In order for me to offset the expense to my children when they are faced with the inheritance tax I pay thousands of dollars each year for insurance, Warren Buffett and Birkshire Hawathaway don't really need to make millions more from small business men and farmers wanting to leave what they have built to their heirs. The reality is that your new tax will simply take money from me which I could use to expand my businesses and create jobs and transfer it to someone who already has more money than I have and they will never feel the tax you want to impose.

    7. Everyone has this crazy idea that those of us considered "wealthy" are sitting on piles of money and nothing could be further from the truth. Owning a ranch or a small business can be highly cost intensive and most of our net worth is tied up in land machinery. In case you aren't aware, most of us who would be paying this tax are already taking home less income than most people understand, for most of us we're taxed on the income of our businesses and not on what we actually take home, which are not the same, and as such the assets we need to do business are likewise considered our wealth. In order to pay your new tax, people like me will have to sell off our assets and when I and others like me have to sell the machinery out of our plants to pay the tax who wants to be first to be out of a job? How many jobs are you willing to give up for the revenue you will get and how much of that revenue will have to go to the upkeep of the newly unemployed workers displaced by the new tax?

    8. If we are all supposed to be in this together, then shouldn't we all have skin in the game? Then why is it that the top 10% of earners pay 71% of federal Income Taxes while earning only 45% of all the income? Contrast that with the fact that the bottom 50% of earners pay only 2% of the Federal Income Taxes a while at the same time they earn 12% of the income.

    It's time for something, but a wealth tax and/or wealth confiscation isn't the answer. What ever happened to policy that encourages growth in the economy?
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    May 04, 2014 11:47 AM GMT

    Fuck 'em, nobody needs $5 billion, I used to be fairly conservative in my 20's, now that I'm 53 I know unfettered capitalism has been an abject failure leading to the same inevitable conclusion as socialism
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    May 04, 2014 2:26 PM GMT
    tj85016 said^^

    Fuck 'em, nobody needs $5 billion, I used to be fairly conservative in my 20's, now that I'm 53 I know unfettered capitalism has been an abject failure leading to the same inevitable conclusion as socialism
    If anything has caused all these disparities in American wealth, it is the gravely horrendous failure from the 1980s known as supply side economics and trickle down theory also known as Reaganomics. A more fitting name would be shitanomics.
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    May 04, 2014 2:40 PM GMT

    some of the Reagan tax cuts were good considering the circumstances at the time, but then taxes should have been raised (on capital gains and inheritance, maybe not middle incomes). I've watched for 25 the changes in inheritance and capital gains taxes and the plutocracy it created.

    Don't think for a minute the Presidents and Congress didn't know what the outcome would be.
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    May 04, 2014 3:11 PM GMT
    This new Aristocracy controls both the democratic and republican parties so it doesn't matter who gets elected anymore. Some of these damn fools on here think the hapless Hillary ho will be the president for the middle class, working class, and the poor. What a crock of shit. Billary is part of the new Aristocracy and she will do nothing to change it because it is permitting her to live the life of the rich and famous. But some of these guys on here just don't understand. They just keep bumping their gums screaming Hillary 2016.