California Takes the Lead in Corrupt Democratic Politicians

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    May 04, 2014 6:12 PM GMT
    There is a problem when one party runs a government for along time - corruption. You don't have to go as far as Iraq or Turkey to find it. California is beginning to sound like New Jersey. The gall of California democratic politicians is simply amazing. The legislature has three criminals in its ranks. One already convicted and two others now indicted for federal racketeering crimes. The democratic machine has decided to let them stay in office and continue to collect their pay. (And they will be using campaign contributions to pay for their legal defense.)

    But the story of the day is that there is a lot of support for Mary Hayashi for a State Senate seat - the self-entitled rich politician who was recently convicted of shoplifting from a San Francisco department store. (She was caught on video-tape walking out with $2,450 in clothing.) The democratic machine, including the local district attorney, did all they could to minimize her pain. Instead of prosecuting a felony (which it was) the DA allowed her to plead guilty to misdemeanor. That allowed the democratic party judge Sandoval (formerly on the party's Central Committee) to give her a kiss on the wrist sentence. Probation plus a fine of $180. No jail time at all. She kept her politician's job in the State Assembly, which pays $90,000 plus about $42,000 in expenses per year. Just not enough to pay for those hot leather pants she stole.

    Antonio Villaraigosa, the last Mayor of Los Angeles and former Speaker of the state Assembly got a very small fine for taking illegal gifts from developers. Then he had the gall to ask for donations to pay his fine.

    The Current mayor of Berkeley, who was a long time member of the legislature and a favorite of the machine, was convicted of theft while in office. He's still there. He paid a $100 fine.

    When not actually committing crimes, the democratic politicians here raise more than their fare share of criminal children. Take Fabian Nunez, who was speaker of the House in California, and later co-chair of Hillary's presidential campaign bid. His son stabbed another guy to death when he was refused entry to a party. He got only a manslaughter conviction (plus conviction for other crimes). Sentenced to only 16 years in prison, the Governor let him out after only seven years, as a political favor.

    I normally hold my nose and vote for the democrats or the Greens. The republicans are worse - just not as corrupt.
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    May 04, 2014 7:23 PM GMT
    Corruption in any party is a disgrace, but like you, I'd prefer Democratic corruption, which is generally in some kind of line with the policies of the more generous Democratic Party, to the self-interested, hate-promoting, often closeted hypocrisy of the GOP is it now is.

    You're absolutely right that being in power too long breeds corruption (on any level, really) - Karl Popper pointed out 70-odd years ago (The Open Society and its Enemies) that a one-party system looses its ability to change and adapt, which I believe leads to the corruption, no matter how good the original intent.

    If only we had an adult GOP with real ideas and a desire to serve the country rather than the few...