When right is right and wrong is wrong


I am faced with this dilemma everyday and in my profession, all employees and management are supposed to do the right thing, is this what has ruined American business? Wiki does not mention the greed factor in its explanation of COI. I found at least one very large conglomerate (everyone has heard of them) that boasts and is prideful in the way they hide their COI, I refuse to work for them and put myself in a compromising professional position, am I a prude? Should I accept the payoff? Is COI a republican regulation concern? I think we have seen enough of this, example, the GM ignition switch debacle.

I am troubled greatly by this trend in corporate America, am I the only one who avoids this like the plague? I may never work again if this trend continues. How do you handle, what would you do? Are you the type to accept or refuse the bribe? icon_sad.gificon_confused.gif

Hmmm, Wiki has its own COI policy