I love songs that have other meanings where people don't catch on first listen. Although some of these songs are kind of obvious one... or should be... some still see them as love songs icon_lol.gif

What are some you guys can think of?

1. The Police- Every Breath You Take

A Song about obsession, anger, and humilation is often seen as a sweet love ballad.


2. The Police- Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic

Another misinterpreted police song. About hopeless infatuation, bordering on obsession.


3. U2- With Or Without You

This one is not as confirmed. But it's been said the song is about the struggles of faith and religion. Bono has alluded to that, and that it's about being married while being a musician.


4. Cameo- Candy

The funky song by the legendary funk bank. Is said to be about cocaine addiction

5. R.E.M- The One I Love

This one still baffles me how people see it as a love song. It's a song about abuse and using someone as an object. I figured the FIREEEEEE and ''a simple prop to occupy my time'' would give that away icon_razz.gif


6. Crowded House- Don't Dream It's Over

Seen as another sweet and tender ballad. The song is protesting the state of human affairs. The character is willing to throw away all his worldly possessions for human compassion towards the planet and against war. The character has this song (marching again to the beat of a drum) to show that even though he was down for awhile he's back protesting, and this time he's not stopping until he is "feeling of liberation and release".

What are some other ones you guys can think of?