Do you know any straight guys with a big butt?

  • Nearon

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    May 10, 2014 1:08 AM GMT
    There's this really cute black guy in my chemistry class. His ass is so freaking huge, I mean you can sit a tray of food on it. But it doesn't look feminine, it's an athletic, toned bubble butt that sits up high. And I thought I had a big butt, but this guy got me beat. We even joke about how our asses are bigger than every girl in our class. He is hot man I wanna bump booties with him haha! But he has a girlfriend so I'm guessing he is straight....but damn there are so many cute girls in our class but he always sits by meicon_redface.gif
  • BloodFlame

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    May 10, 2014 1:38 AM GMT
    I think straight guys with big butts is quite common. Like for example, football players. You can't help but notice some of their butts are quite proportioned lol
    But in person, I've only seen it like one or two times. 1 was a Latino man I saw in a story once. He was wearing mesh basketball shorts and a tank and his butt kind of protruded. I didn't know if he was gay since he wasn't with anyone but yeah, that's one. Another one, was a black guy.
  • KittenpasteCo...

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    May 10, 2014 1:39 AM GMT
    I know more straight guys with big butts than gay guys. :v
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    May 10, 2014 2:08 AM GMT
    So many fixation on the straight men icon_rolleyes.gif
  • HottJoe

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    May 10, 2014 5:00 PM GMT
    silver_bullet saidOf course! Heaps over the years. Nice big man butts are the most beautiful things in the world! Smooth, furry, tanned, pale - yum!


    I guess if these are straight then yes, I've seen it all.icon_twisted.gif
  • Karl

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    May 10, 2014 5:01 PM GMT
    I'm straight.