With so many variables in what people are looking for it is becoming very difficult to meet people with common interests. Toronto is very unique with so many subcultures.

Sexual Preferences
Masculine or Feminine
Drug Users
Relationship Status

To each their own. Not everyone is the same and wants to conform, be part of a clique, or partake in other peoples' interests and activities.

You have to know yourself and be comfortable in your own skin. Looking for friendship and acceptance in this motley community. I don't expect much.

In an increasingly difficult society for so many people. This community could be more tolerant of one another.

I hear a lot of people opening their mouth and complaining about other people. A question- what is so great about you?

Freedoms have opened up a Pandora's Box. Whatever good that has come out of all of it, the unnecessary evils are happening as well.

Self serving people are increasingly oppressing the rights of other people.

Something for some of you to think about when dealing with other people.