Posted this to Facebook this morning and thought to share the sentiment here as well. Here, I should probably go father links and make a better case with other authors (atheists) who are superb in my view at deriding the "dogma" and "religiosity" of their professors when in school, who always throw the scientific method out the window on all the huge matters such as the origin of life. It is fine to have beliefs, but for hell sake, stop trying to masquerade the same as if it were "scientific." The Adam and Eve story requires no less faith than does the Big Bang. I don't break down all the arguments here, but here was this mornings post, below. [Incidently, I started a thread on over a decade ago with "The High Priests of Evolution" in the title. It caused a stir and haughty and arrogant believers in religious views (Big Bang) were deeply indignant at the irreverence for any and all expressing skepticism toward their religious view. It was as if though the thread were a Martin Luther type nailing of grievances to the cathedral door, and many were ticked that any heretics would call them on their religiosity, which does require faith to believe, but in foolishness they pretend to be science.]

Those in my time zone will see the moon set soon. It is beautiful and full.

As I look out and see the moon this morning, I'd laugh to think of absurdities such as the Big Bang theory that is as much of BS and nonsense as anything that can be dreamed up in the mind of man.

Our sun is barreling through space at many thousands of miles per second. Electromagnetic fields of energy hold the planets in their orbits as they circle the sun. The moon has a set pattern, and calendars can be made years and years in advance that are accurate because of the consistency of the lunar orbit which has been observed for millennia. Ancient man mapped out Egyptian monuments to mimic patterns in the sky and… Continue Reading