Bali - Indonesia

What a lovely place.

For the first time, I stayed in an all male only clothing optional resort. lol i know what you are thinking.

Part of me thinks may be i don't deserve this experience as with someone else, they would have had so much fun. Most Part of this experience made me realize that my feelings for this beautiful person is indeed much stronger than i was thinking even with hot dudes, go-go boys, naked men around.

Villa layang bulan is a wonderful place merely because of the experience to see Gays from around the world end up being good friends. We were a batch indonesians, filipinos, french, australian, english, singapore, myself indian.

Villa Layang bulan is very closer to the Gay beach(few mins walk) and they do a everynight drop to the Gay bars if you stay at private rooms or hop with someone who stays in private rooms. Prices are quite ok for 45 $ to 65$ per night in a private room or poolside room. It is not definitely a palm springs kind clothing optional as my wildest mind thinks lol but definitely a lot more worthy purely because of the Gay celebration and the "Just the way you are" celebration.

Yet It was lot of fun to see guys make naughty jokes towards the mostly single naked men swimming in the pool. Even after an american managed to show us his crack and boner, I didn't quite even get a boner watching them which was quite surprising. But be prepared for a lot many invitations to get naked and skinny dip. Once i remember, i was the only one clothed among 7 or 8 who were swimming naked. I cannot shy and go away but still remain and engage in friendly talks. Once i remember moving between naked bodies, smiling and saying "this is awkward" to them icon_smile.gif

Apart from the Villa, the nearby beach, the surfing dudes, the gay beach called "Double-six" or Cantina beach are must see places. Gay bars in the Jalan(Jalan is called as Street) Dhyana pura is where the gay bars are. though i could see Go-go boys dancing, i felt like the chicken dancing..I was not turned on at all but had great fun dancing in colorful lights. Infact we remember once dancing with a 3 european ladies having a good time. There was also a nearly naked strip that took place by the participants that night lol

I went with my gay friends and it was lot of fun dancing with them. Mixwell Gay bar is good, but in my opinion Bali Joe gay bar's DJ is very good, although you have queeny waiters sticking there asses often to show us lol. There are other gay bars too but the former two are best as i was told. I remember someone openly asked me if i wanted Marijuana in the road(I hope i spelled the name correctly lol)

If you are a my kind of person to have a relaxing time, hit the beach, check out the hot dudes, hit the gay bars and spa, then i highly recommend Bali, Indonesia's Villa layang bulan.

Get your own scooter bike for 50,000 IDR per day.
If you want to know bali tradition and meet bali people, then hit the "Warong Sobat" restaurant. Bali people are very friendly and great hospitality.
Never photograph there traditional yellow or black clothed small shrines.
Never walk over "Canang Offering". This is everyday offering to there Gods. Bali hindus consider this as unlucky when someone walks over.