Edgar Allen Pooh wrote (IMDB review of Belle)

Belle Tops Amistad in Revealing America's racist roots and pact with the Devil of Corporate Money. Deep down in the hearts of racists such as L.A. Clippers owner Donald Sterling, they are so angry and jealous because they truly believe that the ancestors of billionaires such as Oprah Winfrey, Michael Jackson, and Michael Jordan got a "free ride" to the U.S. on slave ships (plus free room, board, and medical care once they got here), while Sterling's own immigrant ancestors had to pay their own way for everything.

BELLE reminds us that slave ships were NOT benign safe havens, and that the English penchant for putting the love of money above any other love through their corporate welfare system (in this case, shipping "insurance") that persists in Modern America will soon lead to total ruin. America "jumped the shark" in 1980, making BELLE's upbeat ending bittersweet. [What is he talking about?] The U.S. has snatched Corporate defeat from the jaws of Common Man victory (as presented in BELLE) one time too many, starting with the infamous "35ths Rule" enshrined in our Constitution.

Only a total constitutional rewrite to stamp out the Satanic belief that "corporations are people" (as in, "one dollar, one vote") can put America back in the league of civilized nations envisioned by BELLE, such as Sweden, Switzerland, and Norway.