Hey Fellas,

I will be going to the Copenhagen to Stockholm Cruise this July (July 20 - 27) and currently seeking a roommate for non-smoking stateroom in the Category L. The stateroom is already reserved, since I initially booked it for me and my friend, however, my friend won't be able to go on the cruise due to urgent personal commitments. The cost of this stateroom for double occupancy is $1099/person plus taxes, gratuities and port charges with meals, entertainment and various amenities (fitness centers, pools, etc.) being included in the cost. However, I would be willing to pay for my roommate's cruise booking share and welcome my roommate at no additional charge! So, the only thing that my roommate would need to pay for is the flight to and from the cruise terminal, and for certain excursions if he chooses to go on any of them.

The ports of call will include: Copenhagen, Oslo, Gothenburg, Warnemunde, Tallin, Helsinki and Stockholm. Please visit http://atlantisevents.com/Copenhagen-to-Stockholm.../34... for more detailed information.

If you would be interested in going on this cruise and are seeking a roommate, please feel free to send me a personal message. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!