BEWARE of these FAKE supplements!

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    May 28, 2014 9:10 AM GMT
    Hi everyone...just thought I'd give you a heads up as too some of the fake/scam bodybuilding supplements out there.

    All these listed companies/products run major international internet campaigns using stolen photos of people which they use as "proof" in the marketing material as to the products effectives. Furthermore they then make up fake stories as if these people (in the stolen) photos tell you how they have used these products and how fantastic it is. Usually with absurd claims of complete 3-4 week body transformations without any diets or exercise.

    You might ask me how I know this for a fact?
    Well, I busted the following list of products being marketed in such a way using my stolen transformation photo of 4 years ago before these products even existed!
    They are:
    1285 MUSCLE
    TRIG X2

    Here is the stolen photo of me they are using:


    The way these people also deal over the internet is by signing you up for a monthly deduction (without your knowledge) and unless you cancel your credit card, you cannot get out of this deals.

    The bottom line is, there is no way a product can work if they have to steal photos and make up fake stories to proof it's effectiveness.

    Let me give you some insight as to how to smell such fake products a mile away:

    You need to understand the mindset of these scammers.
    1. They want as much money from you as possible.
    2. The never want to be in a situation where they meet you face to face. They only use faceless environments to deal with clients – like the internet.
    3. You struggle to get information on the ingredients of the product, they do NOT want you to know the truth.

    Let’s look at – They want as much money from you as possible
    They have this incredibly good sounding deals like “get your first bottle free”. But after that first bottle arrived, you will just see charges getting deducted from your credit card, month after month. The only way to stop this is to literally stop your credit card and get a new one.
    To try to stop the monthly supply of the products is close to impossible and even if you stop the delivery of the product, the deductions continue.
    According to you, you have only ordered the first “free” product but alas now you are all of a sudden in a fixed recurring contract.

    Let’s look at – They only use a faceless environment
    The only medium these products are advertised through is the internet. If you cannot find this item on the shelve of your local supplement store, do NOT buy it! There is a REASON these people only deal through internet. They want to stay faceless because they are devoid of all integrity in their marketing campaigns of these products. They steal photos and make up fake stories for their marketing campaigns – I know what I am talking about, I have already busted 8 of these fake companies that have stolen my transformation photo and made up a fake stories to advertise their products. And that is just me…ALL of the transformation and other photos used are fakes and stolen as well as all the supporting “proof” stories. They have no other choice to do this because the product they are selling CANNOT produce the claimed results and thus they do not have any proof of the claimed results.
    The internet offer them a safe environment and barrier so they do not have to face their clients. They are not stupid, all of them have “front” companies they create to deal with the product distribution and marketing just to make sure that if one ever does try to make a case against them, it is very easy for them to get out off the lawsuite, because they just blame it on the “front” marketing company which is even more difficult to trace than themselves. These “front” marketing companies has very short lifespans, typically only a few months, before they disappear and a new one is created, making the old one close to impossible to trace, literally just like a deleted webpage.
    Typical marketing campaigns for these products proclaim awe-inspiring transformations within a few weeks (typically range 2 to 4 weeks). Many times it states that this is done with the product without having to diet or do any exercise. Crazy claims that not even anabolic steroids or Growth Hormone can come close too! Again, this is why they can ONLY work from a faceless environment. Imagine the queues of scammed clients lining up who experienced NO CHANGE in the 4 weeks whatsoever. They did loose, but only their money and until they cancel their credit card will keep loosing their monthly month after month.

    Let’s look at – You struggle to get info on the ingredients of the product.
    All the “wonderful” write-ups and advertising that surrounds these products has almost no specific info on the actual ingredients of the product but just vague descriptions and references. There is a very important reason for this, because if people knew the ingredients and google it, they will very quickly see that this products cannot produce the claimed results. These products have no mystical ingredients but plain well-known ingredients that you will find at any health store or supplement store. The marketing companies of the products would like you to believe that the products contain very special and mystical stuff and that is why they omit 90% of the time the ingredients in the marketing advertisement. Being a scam product the chances is also very (!) high that it does not nearly contain what the label states.
    These companies are not interested in satisfied clients, but their ONLY objective is to hook into the clients credit cards with a irreversible debit order system.

    If it sounds too good to be true, it IS too good to be true – ALWAYS!
    So the three main criteria you must use to know if it is a scam/fake product, is:
    1. Is it only available through internet? [if yes - stay way!]
    2. Is the ingredients listed in detail? [if not - stay away!]
    3. Does it sound too good to be true? [if yes - stay away!]

    You will say “But this means, that a lot of the internet-only bodybuilding supplement products are fakes/scams?” YES IT IS..all of them. I must still come across one that is not!

    Know this, NO (!) reputable company that have a solid product worth it’s weight will deal ONLY through internet.
    They want fixed distribution channels with trained people to sell their product and offer support and info to clients.

    I hope this short article help you to make a more informed decision and to stay clear from all these fake and scam products.
    They suck the money from people and it is very (!) difficult to sue them and the word “integrity” is not in their vocabulary.

    If you want detailed info on these companies marketing material and how they were busted, let me know then I will provide you the links.

    Wish you all happy training and choose your supplements wise! Gert
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    Jun 12, 2014 6:29 PM GMT
    As a photographer, allow me to introduce you to this nifty little bit of info:

    Not only can you have the use of your pictures discontinued, you can also get paid for their use. icon_wink.gif
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    Jun 13, 2014 9:00 AM GMT
    paulflexes saidAs a photographer, allow me to introduce you to this nifty little bit of info:

    Not only can you have the use of your pictures discontinued, you can also get paid for their use. icon_wink.gif

    Thanx buddy! will most definately check this out!
    Have a great day.
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    Jun 14, 2014 4:07 PM GMT
    MuchMoreThanMuscle saidI don't rely on supplements at all. Only thing I will take is creatine and in the past I have taken a BCAA for more protein. But I don't really notice anything when I take the BCAA. It's not worth the expense.

    Your are very correct that most supplements is totally overrated and you will waste a lot of money bowing to marketing advertisements.

    Regarding BCAA
    Do not underestimate the role of BCAA's.
    It is not a supplement that will give you bigger muscles all of a sudden, but if used correctly (45 min before training) it's role is (together with L-Glutamine) to protect the muscles from going catabolic during a intense training session. Simply that means it prevents the body from utilizing muscle energy and divert energy usage to other sources, for example: fat.
    Thus by protecting the muscles from being broken down for energy during intense training it also aids in fat and carb utilisation during training for energy. It is a basic supplement that I would seriously suggest.
    You will not see grand results with it but if you do not use it your process will be even slower for growth and fat-loss.
    Initially BCAA's is not really necessary but as you continue to raise the bar on getting that ripped and muscled look it starts to become a good tool in your arsenal of attack.
    Hope this makes sense...
    Happy training