libido, and knowing what you want ?

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    May 31, 2014 8:25 PM GMT

    Lately I've had a hard (excuse the pun) time knowing what I want out of sex and all that stuff that go hand and hand with it.

    After a couple of months just trying to get back to normal after events i won't go into detail, it has left me feeling that everything that I once liked is just out the window along with that drive concerning my libido.

    Has this ever happened to anyone? I know that Tops can become Bottoms and same goes for the other way as well, but can it also cover other things? It has made me look at who and what I do, and as a result i'm not exactly comfy with that i found, so i began to change that.

    I deleted my apps/websites and just try get back that normality, so i have been hanging out with friends, and going to the gym a heck of a lot, and also generally keeping really fit.But now i find myself not knowing what I want.

    is there an answer to the questions, like am i actually wanting something different ? why the sudden change in what i like in and out of the bedroom? or am i just over thinking this?

    has anyone else experienced this? or to a degree ? i.d like some advice. i always do things that make me comfortable and happy which is really nice to have now, but not knowing what i want has threw me because i am very contentious person these days when it comes to men in that department.

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    May 31, 2014 8:33 PM GMT
    Well it is worth persisting with the apps - 70% of gay relationships start online because we are much less likely to run into the love of our lives in the supermarket, on public transport or at work.

    Maybe you could get to know more gay people as friends or get to know one in a slow moving relationship? There are lots of guys who are looking for that as well, especially the younger ones.
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    May 31, 2014 9:05 PM GMT

    well their is bars and stuff, that seems like a normal way to meet people, but yea i could agree with that sometimes ohno. i think 2 out of my gay relationships have been online.

    hmmm, i don't know. maybe i just want something meaningful ?
    i think ive just done too much no string stuff that its no longer amazing as it once was.. i thought this was supposed to happen when ur older.


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    May 31, 2014 9:10 PM GMT
    Be comfortable with who you are. Building a friendship with someone, communicating and getting closer can be a motivator. Ask yourself who is this person I am with and what are they about and be confident about who you are and what you want.
  • MarkW1

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    May 31, 2014 9:29 PM GMT
    I've experienced similar stuff before man. My advice is to just keep going with what you're doing. Don't think too much into these things, overtime you'll feel comfortable and settled with what you enjoy most.