Anal play

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    Jun 03, 2014 6:18 PM GMT
    So listen as embarrassing as this is haha.
    I have like ZERO feeling in my anus, nothing inside, nothing at the hole, NOTHING. I've tryed anal, Very little with an actual person, much more experimental with myself and toys however i have had one penis up my bum.
    So I dont get it? I could never cum or like any type of anal play. I'm actually VERY disappointed because watching porn and talking to gays its a REALLY good feeling....
    The whole rimming thing grouses me out anyways, doesnt feel good (to me) so i would never do to another?
    I'm actually very disturbed as there isnt much gay stuff I like to do I guess icon_sad.gif ..
    Did I get made without a prostate maybe? Or is it located at my stomach?...
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    Jun 03, 2014 7:25 PM GMT
    There are guys who are not into anal sex at all. If anal porn turns you on, what do you feel down there when you have an orgasm watching it? Anything? When wanking, tried inserting a finger and massaging the prostate just before you cum? Tried a vibrator? Could give you the most intense anal experience if it works on you.

    You say that almost nothing gay you like to do. Maybe tell us what (if anything) does feel good to you in the sex department. Have you ever truly enjoyed being made love to by another man - where you lie back and accept all his attentions? The whole body can be an erogenous zone. If not anal, what about kissing, earlobes, nipples, armpits, getting your balls licked, dick sucked? Does anything turn you on?

    Tried drugs? If you are with a loving partner, using acid or hash can heighten sexual experience. I couldn't recommend meth or coke - too addictive - or Xstacy (brain damaging - although it is used a lot by the young).

    Attend some Men's group touchy-feely tantric sex workshop?

    Try to get a hold of a copy of the (now old) book, The Joy of Gay Sex; goes into great detail about things to do sexually. Tips about massaging the prostate.