Why I left the GOP

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    Jun 05, 2014 5:32 AM GMT
    Why I left the GOP

    "My old Republican worldview was flawed because it was based upon a small and particularly rosy sliver of reality. To preserve that worldview, I had to believe that people had morally earned their “just” desserts, and I had to ignore those whining liberals who tried to point out that the world didn’t actually work that way. I think this shows why Republicans put so much effort into “creat[ing] our own reality,” into fostering distrust of liberals, experts, scientists, and academics, and why they won’t let a campaign “be dictated by fact-checkers” (as a Romney pollster put it). It explains why study after study shows — examples here, here, and here – that avid consumers of Republican-oriented media are more poorly informed than people who use other news sources or don’t bother to follow the news at all."

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    Jun 05, 2014 6:01 AM GMT
    I can relate to this. My parents were lifelong Republicans, and office holders. Being Republican was like a family tradition & obligation. To be anything else was disloyal not to the Party, but to my Family.

    But as others have said here, I never left the Party, the Party left me. Republicans morphed into some Fascist, Christian fundamentalist horror that I truly believe my late parents would never have supported. Despite being registered Republicans they were surprisingly liberal in their attitudes on social issues, not remotely like today's hate-filled Republican and Teabagger bigots.

    And of course by the mid 1990s I had come out, and realized Republicans wanted me in jail for being gay, while Democrats respected me as a human being with rights. Well, that certainly made it easy for me to switch sides.

    And 20 years later that political dynamic hasn't changed much. Republicans still oppose & persecute me for being gay, Democrats still support & endorse me.

    So that it astonishes me there would be guys on this site who aren't clear about this, and want to promote and cheerlead for our declared enemies, while trashing our consistent political friends & allies. I'm sure that puzzles you as it puzzles me, an irrational, self-destructive behavior by allegedly gay pro-Republicans that leads to some sinister suspicions about their true motives on this site.