Bart Ehrman:

God is all powerful. God is all loving. People suffer. Therefore, God is not acting in the world.

My Reply:
God is not all powerful. God is not all loving. The notion of God is in error and your conclusion is in error.

God is not all powerful because there are co-creators in Life. God is not ALL powerful.

God is not all loving because all of the co-creators in Life are not our nurturing caretakers (parent, child, or adult). Besides, different personalities yield different levels of expertise in love.

It seems you’re saying I’m not going to believe God is acting in the world because the expertise of my perception of God is flawed. Well, yes, don’t believe in that God.

As for whether or not the Bible sufficiently explains suffering. It doesn’t. There is at least a ton of textbooks about facts of Life that the Bible does not sufficiently explain.