hello everyone!
with my very first post, i had a few questions for you guys; i hope i will get some feedback from you.

during the last year i lost about 60 lbs, and really took my time with this diet. unfortunately, i still have saggy skin, with some annoying flabby fat.

im still dieting in the for of intermttent fasting, and i do HIIT traing followed by 15 mins moderate running, so may max cardio is about 35 to 40 mins, 3 days a week.

i also do full body sicrcuit, with machines (like leg press, chest press, etc.) and not with dumbbels, for 3 days week.

i will try to attach some pics here.

what do you think my body fat precentage is?
should continue dieting or just start bulking?
will the saggy skin be healed or it is a lost cause?

i really appreciate any feedbach and honest opinion. thanks in advance.