How Jesus Became God by Bart Ehrman does not have [The Book of] Revelation in the index or in the Table of Contents. For many Christians Jesus is elevated to God in the Book of Revelation.

Second, Jesus becomes God at a time when Vespasian becomes a God, when Titus becomes a God, and when Domitian tries to become a God but the Senate passed Damnatio Memoriae on him (nevertheless, Domitian is immortalized as Lord God in the Book of Revelation).

The Christian Trinity was invented to put Jesus on a level with Jesus's Father notion of God. And because Jesus said he would send an entity as satisfying as himself, the Holy Spirit, if you're going to make Jesus equal with God, the Holy Spirit has to be part of the new Christian notion of God, the Trinity.

Coming from an author who wrote about the historical accuracy of Jesus, Bart Ehrman must realize the Roman Empire, the influential context of Christianity's nebula (where stars are born), had a trinity in Vespasian, the father, Titus, the son and Son of Man, and Domitian.

Jesus becomes God over the Roman Empire not until Emperor Constantine? Jesus would need to become God when the Gospels, the Letters, and Revelation are written.

I've found the book How Jesus Became God by Bart Ehrman incapable of explaining in a commendable way How Jesus Became God.