Simpple question. Very difficult answer. The Senator who asked that famous question, parroted in many offshoots in the media, trials and even at home, died yesterday at 88. Senator Howard Baker (R, Tenn) was a statesman and served as Vice Chairman on the Senate Watergate Committee. Ironically, Fred Thompason (who is now doing reverse mortgage commercials) was the minority counsel to the committee. He later served as a Tennessee senator too. Baker was a Nixon Republican and couldn't believe the allegations at first. A few weeks into it though and it became "the greatest disillsionment of my career". He spent 18 years in the Senate and was known for plain speaking and dealing and an effective compromisor. He ran unsuccessfully in the GOP primaries in 1980 against, among others, Ronald Reaagan. He also was the son-in-law of of Everett Dirksen, a prominent Illinois senator. He later married fellow Senator Nancy Landon Kassebaum (R, Kan.) who was about to retire from the Senate in 1996. RIP to a great gentleman and the Great Conciliator.