Tear jerker for me: I never thought I would be able to deadlift properly. Being 6"5 and having tree trunk legs it was hard as hell. The first time I tried it I yelled at my trainer(Back when i had one) cause it was the hardest thing i"d ever done. I couldn't do the form right, it hurt my back and legs, and I was saying lots of swear words.

Today after deadlifting for a year and a half. My trainer exclaimed loudly when he walked by (and was with another client) that my deadlift was the best he's ever seen it. And commented on how I've completely changed my body and posture.

Deadlift was one thing I thought was Impossible. And I wanted to quit... But I beat myself up an kept going. Now I'm deadlifting heavy at 525. My legs are smaller but stronger, and it's helped me with the start of my six pack. It's also helped my flexibility, strength, and made me drink more water ;) i love my water. I know 525 isn't much compared to a lot on here. But for me... it's a lot!

If you want to be fit... And want to gain muscle or anything. You gotta go heavy and hard. I'm
Happy I didn't give up! And happy I drank a lot of water and kicked deadlifts ass.

Bonus Story Points: someone commented on my hodgetwins shirt today. And he was a mixed Japanese guy like me... and he was cute icon_smile.gif Flawless victory.