Hello Guys,

Wanna try Phuket together?icon_razz.gif Let's go! icon_wink.gif
Please PM me if you are keenicon_smile.gif

My flight will arrive at Phuket around 9AM on 26/07/14. Ferry service from the hotel I booked will fetch me from the airport. The accommodation for the first two nights (26 & 27 July) will be at the Maikhao Dream Resort by the Natai Beach. It is a deluxe room for two inclusive of breakfast as well. However, I am still alone now. icon_cry.gif I will be really glad if someone can stay with me for the two days and have breakfast together. icon_redface.gif

The hotel for the last day is not confirmed yet, I am thinking booking a room from the Aquarius. Will that be a good idea?icon_redface.gif

I will be flying back to singapore in the late afternoon of 29th.

Hope to find someone who can guide me alone for the 4-day trip in phuket.


E-mail: bingpiaoyue@hotmail.com