City simulators are awesome and getting better! Their simple concept, ever-improving graphics plus the ability for gamers' to contribute and customize buildings in these games will make them only more appealing icon_biggrin.gif

Personal disclosure, when I was an unrepentant addict to Sim City 4, I went through a not-great period in college when I started considering a change to an Urbanism major! I still think some of these simulators might be good for their curricula...!

Anyone wanna share some fandom, and maybe show some outcomes of many (well-spent) hours at these virtual worldsicon_question.gif

Here are some of mine from MonteCristo's CitiesXL 2011
Morning time at a nice city-neighborhood area, owners left for work

Gateway to the hills of the desert

Off fayre season at the end of Church Street

East of the Music Castle, end of winter

4am near a bay