What do tops like their bottom do during sex (hook ups)?

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    Jul 09, 2014 4:59 AM GMT
    Hey guys, so I'm kinda doing this as a personal poll. I've been told I'm good at bottoming, but I want to know if there are any particular things guys like for a bottom to do or what they wouldn't like him to do during sex.

    Do you like to switch positions a lot? Try as many positions? Do you like it when he clenches? Be submissive, or just stay there and take it, or take control? What else? What positions do you like? I know everyone is different but I'm curious. icon_twisted.gif
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    Jul 09, 2014 6:51 AM GMT
    Moan with appreciation.

    Call out his name.

    Be tender.

    Kiss him (assuming you're in missionary position).

    Roll your eyes back in your head, but only if you are sincere about it.

    Try not to ejaculate until he says he is ready; then come together. The longer you both go without ejaculating, the more likely you are to enjoy it more.

    Just a few suggestions. I'm sure you'll get many other opinions.
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    Jul 09, 2014 8:57 AM GMT
    I'm into a little Dom/sub roles when playing and I like it a bit rough.

    Start with sucking. Eye contact throughout, hands off unless told otherwise, and I like it deep throated. Some bottoms seem to be chuffed when they lose their gag reflex but this is a shame in my opinion. A bit of a splutter and some noise is a big turn on.

    For Fucking most important thing is a clean shaved ass. Not into them just going on all fours naked and presenting. I like to unwrap what I'm going to play with myself. Not into bottoms just acting like a corpse either. A bit of struggle is fun. The more this happens the edgier it gets.

    Not into fake moans or wooden US porno type lines "oh yeah baby". Just be natural as natural and real allows each to respond to each others bodies.

    I always explain this stuff and my expectations before hand so we are both clear and it avoids any misunderstandings.

    If I want a new position I will make it happen. My bottoms don't have to think about that as they will get manhandled into position anyhow. Haha.

    I prefer to pin their face down and cum but a lot of bottoms strongly prefer cumming inside the ass or throat, and I'm happy to oblige but I find out that before hand as it seems too scripted otherwise.

    I know some bottoms hate this stuff but that gets sorted out by being clear before hand along with knowing each others limits and how rough they like to play.

    Fighting for top is a bit different and much more aggressive obviously but much of the same applies just that the struggling/fighting will be a lot harder.

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    Jul 09, 2014 10:10 AM GMT
    Let's see,,when I bottom for a guy I make sure I give him good oral support.icon_biggrin.gif

    During sex I'll constsantly tell him" fuck me, oh that feels good "icon_biggrin.gif

    I'll try positions from doggie , cowboy and maybe feet on his shouldersicon_biggrin.gif

    But, all in all its up to each person to find there zen when it comes to being a good bottom, all you can do is learn.icon_smile.gif
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    Jul 09, 2014 10:44 PM GMT
    What else, guys? I'm very curious ;)
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    Jul 10, 2014 3:45 PM GMT
    Tight hot asses are orgasmic for tops. NEWS flash to bottoms who think us tops can't tell you've been smashed open & if u respect ur body or even just ur tops pleasure u won't let ur pucker feel like it's as loose as jelly from taking monster membered guys or Being fisted coz a top can feel if you have done that every time.

    The best sex I've ever had when I get to plough a hot ass is when you get a guy who's ass is tight enough before you squeeze that sphincter muscle.

    I like you to be able to look me in the eyes so I can see your excitement
    your appendage should be excited while I'm ploughing you good,hard and deep or it feels like I'm doing doing chick.

    Switching positions is to increase mutual pleasure for both not just me.
    Sex is fun & exploratory to me not degradation so your tight ass is best complimented by your ability to relax and enjoy the ride

    Dom/sub & rough hard play turns some btms[color=green]COLORED TEXT GOES HERE on, but just remember your a male with a penis like me who happens to enjoy sphincter and prostate stimulation not pretending to be a chick with a vagina or some guys bitch[/color]

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    Jul 10, 2014 5:41 PM GMT
    First and foremost sex should be fun! So, I like a lot of flirting during the day, in the supermarket, in the car, at my mom's house, everywhere and anywhere. Rogue smiles, grab his package when he's least expecting it and when no one's looking. Pin him up against the wall of the elevator when you 2 are alone in there and tell him when you get home you gonna suck him off or something. Entice him to look forward to getting home. Next: FOREPLAY!!! It's a must. Massages, sexy clothing, undress him or strip for him and stuff alike can get the juices and mood going. I like when bottoms talk to me during sex. Not about the curtains that need cleaning but how good my cock feels inside them. Take a little control when you're on the bottom, tell him to fuck you slower or harder or however you want it. In spite of the fact that we are very elegant, educated and classy in our daily lives, I do enjoy a little coarse language during sex. "Fuck me" seems to be one of my favorite sentences I like to hear. As a top I try to be creative. My role is to give you pleasure, so I'll do my best to take you on a crescendo until you reach your climax. That may imply but not limited to position changes, music, lighting, food/drink, candles, incense, places (not only the bedroom), blindfolds, using restraints during role plays can be really hot!(if you're into that kind of stuff), adrenaline (in case we're in a public place or have the fear of getting caught), so let your top take and be in control. Let your top know you're about to cum. The phrase: "I'm gonna cum!" seems to trigger a turbo nitrogen engine in my pelvis. That line will make me pound you so hard and so fast I won't stop till I see you cream the sheets, or your stomach and chest, depending on the position we're in. When it come to positions, my favorite is when the dude I'm going to possess is lying face down, flat on his stomach, spread eagle and me on top. Like this:


    Towards the end, I like to see that I was able to make another man cum. So for that, this position would be my favorite:


    To finalize my input to your question, just let loose, have fun, tell him you're having fun and make him feel like the one man with the most amazing and beautiful cock on the planet.