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    Jul 09, 2014 8:30 PM GMT
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    Short Summary

    People have been very interested in knowing things about entertainment figures. Atlantic City had an enormous amount of these figures with the entry of casinos. Join me as I look back over those memorable years for the detailed interviews that will produce such comments as "I didn't know that". This book will have more of impact on just the readers on the East Coast as most of these entertainers and personalities performed at venues everywhere. From George Burns to Rosanne Barr I have memories of their stage appearances. For example, take Joan Rivers. She was a regular at Caesar's in Atlantic City and at the end of most shows, she gave away the plants that were on stage, large plants, to patrons in the audience to take home as souveneirs. I don't how they got the plants home but she insisted that the audience come up to the stage and take them. A very popular move. Then, there's the Broadway Show "A Walk In the Woods that starred Hills Street Blues's Robert Prosky and Sam Waterson of Law and Order. I interviewed Prosky and intended to talk to him about the Play but instead, he wanted to talk about the poor air service in Cape May New Jersey, where he had a summer home.
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    Interested in learning about this, but link does not seem to connect.