NYT: LAST month, Kate Kelly, a feminist Mormon lawyer who had called on the Mormon Church to open the priesthood to women, was excommunicated on the charge of apostasy. John P. Dehlin, who runs a popular podcast on hot-button church issues and has loudly advocated for the church to welcome gay men and lesbians, also was threatened with expulsion. Other Mormons have faced sanctions for participating in online forums questioning the church’s positions on these and other matters.

But the debate — much of it at the Bloggernacle, slang for the Mormon blogosphere — has also revealed troubling historical facts and inconsistencies in policy and even doctrine.

There were the revelations of Mormon financing for Proposition 8, the California ballot initiative that outlawed same-sex marriage (and was subsequently struck down by the Supreme Court). There was scrutiny of the fact that black men were precluded from ordination as Mormon priests until 1978.