St. Paul had powerful friends in Rome before he appealed to Caesar. (He appealed to Caesar due to prior networking w/ Caesar's court?)

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    Jul 17, 2014 2:54 AM GMT
    St. Paul had powerful friends in Rome before he appealed to Caesar. (He appealed to Caesar due to prior networking w/ Caesar's court?)
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    1) Paul is not established as a singular historical person. Bart Ehrman is not 100% satisfied with the historical evidence for Paul vs. a Josephus.

    2) In my work on the second edition of my book, I re-iterate what others have written about the similarities between the biographies of Paul and Josephus.

    3) One thing that bothers me, presently, is Acts 19:31 (And even some of the Asiarchs, who were friends of his, sent to him and were urging him not to venture into the theater.)

    Various Bible translations do not express an important point as they substitute other terms for Asiarch.

    But see this:

    Asiarch | Define Asiarch at

    Asiarch. A"si*arch, n. [L. Asiarcha, Gr. ?; ? + ? ruler.] One of the chiefs or pontiffs of the Roman province of Asia, who had the superintendence of the public ...

    Paul has already made friends with the rich and powerful pontiffs of the Commune Asiae? ! Paul does not appeal to Caesar until Chapter 25 or so?

    Do you know what the Commune Asiae were dealing with when dealing with Asia? Asia was so grateful towards Augustus, they wanted to worship him. People susceptible to god-man worship are ripe for Christianity.
    People who are susceptible to son of god worship are ripe for Christianity. Who was divii filius? Answer: Augustus.

    In Dr. Ehrman's video lecture, he mentions that the Roman Christianity did well while "Lost Christianities" didn't.

    Now, Josephus was adopted into Emperor Vespasian's court. We can see Josephus being a friend to the international leaders of the Commune Asiae, the Asiarchs.

    Paul writes letters to his churches. Hm, Ephesians is not supposed to be an authentic letter of Paul but Ephesus was an important city to the Roman Imperial Cult, I believe listed first when seven churches are listed in Revelation.

    Missing years of Paul, Rev. Marcum of Highland Park UMC - Kerygma Teaching Service/Sermons?

    People write history after the fact and people write historical fiction after the fact, all the time. What's so hard about Paul doing the same: he obviously had access to Rome's intelligentsia. A case can be made that when he was shipwrecked on the way to Rome, Josephus was on the same voyage. Read both accounts. Why wouldn't they become friends, too?
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    Jul 18, 2014 2:37 AM GMT
    Bart Ehrman: Actually I *am* 100% certain that Paul was not Josephus. Is it possible to be more than 100% certain?

    Steefen: Well, we await your comments on the similarities and why Paul before "Felix-Agrippa-Festus-then to Rome" had become friends with Asiarchs: Pontiffs of Rome's Asian communities, some of which were in areas of Revelation's churches.

    We're not 100% certain about Paul, but we are 100% certain there are similarities between the biographies of Paul and Josephus. For this reason alone, we cannot be 100% certain that Paul was not Josephus: Josephus' Life is in Paul's life.

    Second, Josephus was more likely to have a vision of Jesus, the Galilean because Josephus was an officer in Galilee where a Jesus probably wanted Josephus to defer to him as the New Testament Jesus was Paul to defer to him.

    Josephus, helping the Flavian Emperors with re-writing religion for those they defeated (producing a non-military Messiah Judaism and Christianity and a non-military Rabbinic Judaism (funding Yavne), needed to understand the Imperial Cult.

    Paul, also, needed to understand the geographical breadth and psychology of the Imperial Cult to pull off Gentile Christianity and organize it. Even Revelation has Christianity re-using the network of the Roman Imperial Cult.

    Sorry, but both Paul and Josephus put their lives in the hands of the Roman Empire: Josephus who thought Rome would win the Jewish Revolt and Paul who not only appealed to Caesar when Jerusalem wasn't safe for him, but Paul is also friends with foreign ministers of Rome.
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    Aug 10, 2014 5:53 AM GMT
    Regarding The Acts of Saints Nereus and Achilleus, it is interesting to note that St. Paul mentions/greets Nereus at Romans 16:15.

    Emperor Domitian seems to have made a martyr of Achilleus who was buried in the Catacomb of Domitilla. In life, Nereus and Achilleus were eunuchs (which may be a plus for followers of Jesus) and they were chamberlains of Flavia Domitilla, a niece or sister of Domitian.

    Josephus´╗┐ would have known the sister or niece of Domitian but here, above, is information suggesting, and Romans 16: 15 stating, Paul, too, was that close to the Flavians.

    Conclusion Point 1: Paul lived beyond the Jewish Revolt and beyond.

    Ralph Ellis´╗┐ would say Paul was Josephus but how could Paul-Josephus not be killed with Clement, Nereus, and Achilleus?

    Maybe there is truth that Paul became a martyr in Rome.